Where is the Love

Where is love, where is the fight ? 

Where is my anger, where is my right ?

Where is the moon on this dark, dark night  ?

Where …….. is the love…. ?

Where are the stars, where is the bright ?

Where is the sun, that flower of light ?

Where is the gift, that you gave to me ?

I can’t see the woods and I cant see the trees…..


Where is my heart, so weary with ache ?

Heavily leaning toward its break .

Where is my wish, where is, my time ?

Here is my calling , oh love of mine …..

Here is my sun, held tight in my hand,

Running away, like fine grains of sand.

Here is my pain, so new everyday…

and here is my heart, still beating ….


For where is the love ? It is far in the blue ?

And where is the way, to travel the tune ?

Where is the courage, to push me along ?

For Love is my life and this, is my song.

                                                   …..H L Jones


About infertilewoman45

I write about infertility and being childless, hopefully with a little humour ! Yes there can be such a thing ... :0) Activist within the Childless Community. Supporter of Gateway Women.
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