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It seems as though nothing is impossible Even though nothing fits.  When life has a way of turning people around, The force of learning comes Advertisements

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Finally! ‘The Cat is out of the Bag’

After much scratching ,meowing, howling, prowling and insistence.The Cat of  the Childless is clawing with a vengeance, its way out of the Big Bag of Stigma and leaping gently, with a great wisdom and sensitivity, into todays Society … Everyday, … Continue reading

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For years my baby dream kept me alive.  Now I am woken and the dream has died… Now for the future? … a whole life of new. I can dare to be anything and anywhere I choose I have been brave…. … Continue reading

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Trust & Me …..

Trust has become an issue only recently. Well not so much ‘become an issue’ it has  ‘become its own truth’ and  I have become enlightened to my relationship with it.If you had asked me even 3 months ago.I would have … Continue reading

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