Hush Dream

Hush my little child,

I hear you crying out a song,

From deep inside of me.

Hush my little one,

Your love is mine and sleeping lullabies,

Reside in me

And we’ll sleep alone in our dreams

and we’ll keep alone in our dreams

Yes we’ll be alone

We’ll be alone together

Feel your heart my baby now

your sound is beating warm

and you’re surrounding me

With butterflies and sunny skies

and tear stained seas, that hush the shores

Beside of me

Hush my heart  

an I won’t fall apart

I’m  ready for the start

for  …… you and me, you and me

you and me, you and me 

you and me, you and me,

you an me, you an me.



About infertilewoman45

I write about infertility and being childless, hopefully with a little humour ! Yes there can be such a thing ... :0) Activist within the Childless Community. Supporter of Gateway Women.
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