Friends and Family

On the subject of what most of my friends and family say to me about my infertility…..


unless I bring it up……But its cool, its my issue and I am the one dealing with it …..Yes me…on my own… 1 person.

Infertility affects well over 10% of us ladies….and gents…and it changes us as people. Its an experience that can last ..or not. A circumstance in our lives that has altered our perceptions and values in many ways.

Obviously on our journeys to resolve our infertility issues, we are all about discussing the treatment….. researching, waiting and worrying.

But from the 1st moment we even suspect we may have a problem, nothing is ever the same again…all the way through life the factors involved in the mental and emotional processes can takeover our whole beings, its effects on us control the coping mechanisms and the lives we create for ourselves. The roller coasters of extreme emotions we find ourselves on are  deeply personal private places, but there are thousands of us…millions in fact. All taking that ride.

How can anyone who is fertile know what to say to us ,when we don’t know what to say to each other..we are open wounds much of the time reminding each other of the anxieties that cloak our lives..But we must find strength in this challenge.

What have we learnt through our experiences? What knowledge can we impart to the world to help others going through this most feared circumstance.

I have struggled for years with infertility. I don’t know if its because I feel at this age I am reaching or have reached the end of a particular road. But only now, do I feel I have the confidence to start opening up about it. 


About infertilewoman45

I write about infertility and being childless, hopefully with a little humour ! Yes there can be such a thing ... :0) Activist within the Childless Community. Supporter of Gateway Women.
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